I was thrilled to learn that Bravo would be starting a new season of Top Chef, my favorite reality TV show. The show, Top Chef  Masters, premieres June 10 at 9 p.m. Central Time and will be hosted by Kelly Choi.

The premise of Top Chef Masters is different from the other Top Chef competitions. The contestants on Top Chef Masters are already famous in their own right, like Emmy-award winner Michael Chiarello of NapaStyle. I am already secretly hoping he wins the competition since I am a huge fan of his Food Network show Easy Entertaining.  Regardless of which chef wins the coveted Top Chef spot, the prize money will go to a worthy charitable cause.

In the fifth season of Top Chef: New York, I watched each week as contestants lost the competition and were told by host Padma Lakshmi to pack up their knives and leave. Judge Tom Colicchio usually provides valuable feedback to the contestants who are sent to the judges table after preparing and serving a meal that was found to be lacking.

At the simplest level the competition is won or lost based on how the main dish of meat or fish or poultry is cooked (or not cooked enough). If the meat, for example, is too tough or too raw, then that chef is usually the one to go. The next level seems to be difficulty or simplicity in the meal preparation. The judges want to see that some risk was taken. Finally, the presentation must be a winning one. How the food is presented on the plate is important.

Probably one of the reasons I enjoy watching Top Chef is remembering my most favorite times spent in the kitchen with my family preparing meals.

I also enjoy the analogy of the competition between the chefs and what sometimes happens in the workplace or in personal relationships. Usually the contestants already know when they go before the judges table what mistakes they have made. However, some contestants border on arrogance and argue with the more experienced judges. Other contestants know when to fight and defend their place in the competition without stepping over the line. Watching the process take place at the judges table is just as exciting as observing the chefs prepare meals.

In the new season of Top Chef Masters, I’m looking forward to learning whether or not the professional chefs maintain their composure and defend themselves properly at the judges table. I’m also hoping to pick up some great recipes and cooking tips.